The new GLS63S is just a stunning car with an interesting curve-ball. The all new hybrid-like electrified platform has given us a little more excitement to contend with, but we rose to the occasion and provided an incredible sound system upgrade.

This car features the Helix V12DSP amplifier providing 12 clean channels of tunable, programmable outputs and a highly complex signal input analyzer. With many hours of magic and tweaking we can provide a crisp clear signal straight into the new Focal Kevlar Expert series speakers installed in the dash, front doors, and rear doors.

We then have 2 12″ subwoofers in a well integrated enclosure in the spare tire well powered by the almighty JL Audio HD1200/1 12oo watt amplifier. We now have 3200 Watts of real, tunable, phenomenal power in this car and can truly say this is one of the best sounding Benz’s on the planet.

We neatly integrated the Helix director for on the fly adjustments and quick DSP adjustments that allow the driver to quickly switch between his custom made tunes. We’ve also integrated the Escort MAXCI360 radar and laser system for protection against speed detection devices.

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