Ferrari F8  Rosso Mugello with Laser and Radar by Escort Radar LIcense to Speed Driven to Be Heard
Ferrari F8 Tributo with Escort Radar and Laser
Every once in a while we get two very similar cars at one time. This day we had two back to back Ferrari F8 Tributo’s in for laser and radar solutions. The first Ferrari F8 in Rosso Corsa and the second is Rosso Mugello both were stunning in their own right.

License to Speed

Here we have our Escort MaxCI installed radar detection. With this, we have radar protection from K, and KA bands in a total installed package for front protection. In addition we have 3 laser shifters to protect against police laser detection devices. All the systems are updatable for future protection and provide complete protection from police speed monitoring devices.

Installation Locations

Each vent opening features a laser sensor. One on either corner and the final in the center grill. The grill also has a radar receiver installed directly behind it and hidden from view. Inside the car we neatly installed the 6 button controller to the right of the steering wheel for quick access. The controller allows the user to configure the display and control of their MaxCI and personalize it to allow for many options including laser shifting time, K and KA band segmentation, display color and much more. We then integrate the display just beneath the AC controls, not disturbing any aesthetics within the car.

The Escort system is Bluetooth enabled. This gives us quick radar setting adjustments and provides access to the Escort Live App which acts as yet another protection for live police radar. The Escort Live network is live access to a large array of vehicles running Escort product with real-time access to speed detection devices nearby. Their app can be downloaded on the iOS app store or Google play store. To view our complete gallery, click below to see pics of the cars below.

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