One bad*** car needs one bad*** sound system. Nothing about this car is quiet so we needed to continue the trend by creating a total beast. But like many vehicles, we’ve been thrown quite the curveball to contend with. How do you build a huge system with a car that has a roll cage?


Well look no further! No roll cage will hold us back. We custom fabricated and designed a system specifically designed to mesh with this massive roll cage. The goal is to achieve knock your head off bass in this Shelby GT350R. Two JL Audio 12″ W7 subwoofers right behind the driver’s and passenger’s head provides all the boom. The initial installation involved removing the roll cage and fabricating a massive enclosure inside. Hours of time went into fit and finish in a tight area. The enclosure was then trimmed inside the car and roll-cage reinstalled over the woofers. It’s absolutely beautifully fabricated.

Of course, we upgraded speakers with the Focal Kevlar Expert series. The Shelby has new front components and coaxial Kevlar speakers integrated into the massive rear enclosure. We use three JL Audio XD amplifiers to power the entire system. In the trunk area we build a new floor and install all amplifiers in an amp rack. We then make a plexiglass window with a CNC designed logo with the Chassis # and then edge lit with blue LED’s. We can assure you, this car is TRULY part of our namesake and #driventobeheard as you’ll HEAR this WELL before you ever see it.

Laser and Radar Protection

Finally, the car also has our license to speed laser jamming and Radar detecting system We used AL Priority’s three head laser system for front protection and the latest Escort Redline 360c portable radar detector to provide protection from speed detection devices.

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