Everything about this beautiful Porsche Panamera just screams “BAWSE” with a ton of cool customizations done.

First let’s start with power….The car features a full FI exhaust system installed cat back including mid-x pipe in all stainless steel and ending in beautiful carbon fiber tips. This exhaust is perfectly paired with additional power using the Velocity AP tune loaded and provided by Buckhead Imports dialing up total output to 650 horsepower.

Second we have an unbelievable stereo system using the clean power and control of JL Audio’s VXI amplifiers. We start out by using the NAV-TV Zen module providing us clean digital signal directly out of the factory multimedia unit. This digital signal gets fed into not one but FOUR VXI amplifiers with a total output of 3600 Watts of power spread across 18 channels. We then power the top of the line Focal Utopia M 8″ driver, 3.5″ midrange, and tweeter on the front stage, then re-amplify, process, time align, and tune all remaining speakers in the car. Next we fabricate a custom enclosure with 2 12″ Alpine Type X subwoofers in a neat enclosure with carbon fiber highlights rounding out the total system with tight controlled bass when wanted, and outlandish massive bass when in  a”turn up” mood.

Finally, no Cartunes build would be complete without Laser and Radar protection with the Escort MAXCI-CTA 5 head for front and rear radar detection and laser diffusion, the ultimate system for car radar and laser awareness.

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