This Range Rover Supercharged has had the Startech widebody fenders added along with the aggresively styled Startech Rear Bumper and Valve control exhaust system. The valved system ties in with the OEM controls and can be switched from open to closed simply by going from Drive to Sport.

The car also features an amazing JL Audio sound system featuring the C7 lineup from JL Audio with C7 3 way components both front and rear and a custom designed enclosure with 2 10″ W6 subwoofers in a sealed enclosure with a custom designed trim piece in the trunk allowing for additional air space. The amplifiers are VXi amplifiers and the whole system is run as an active setup with each individual speaker amplified and tuned.

The car also features Vossen HF2 wheels provided by Butler Tire in a custom satin bronze finish.

Range Rover Summary:

  • Startech Widebody
  • Startech Valve Control Exhaust System
  • Startech Rear Bumper
  • JL Audio 2 sets of C7 3 ways
  • JL Audio VXi Amplifiers. 2 800/8i and 1000/1i
  • JL Audio 10″ W6 Subwoofer x 2
  • Vossen Hybrid Forged Wheels
  • Suntek Clear Film
  • Suntek Window Tint

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