Looking to secure your car from theft or vandalism?

Ask us about our security systems. We are capable of building security systems that can provide you complete peace of mind including shock sensors for someone attempting to break into the car, tilt sensors for attempts to steal your wheels, and glass break sensors for people attempting to break a window.

How cool was that new car you saw that started with a button on the key? Well we can add that to your car with our remote start options. Start you car up with a remote or even with an app on your iPhone or Android phone.

We also have GPS tracking systems that allow you to track your vehicle and 2-Way communication with remotes that are paged upon an alert AND cell phone alerts that alert your phone upon an event.

Get totally secure with brands like Compustar and Viper at Cartunes and also check out the latest Drone Mobile and SmartStart Applications to be able to lock/unlock, start, panic and track your car through an iPhone or Android app.



  1. Do you guys have the compustar PRO RFX T12 in stock or you have to order it? Do I need an appointment to go? Is your work warranty for any problem after installing?

  2. Was interested in Smartstart. My phone number is 4702095019. Thanks 😊.

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