We’ve all been in the position where we check our mirrors, turn signal on, begin to merge and we hear the loud honk and see we’re moments away from slamming into the side of a car sitting in our blind spot. Newer vehicles are coming with blind spot notification technology, and now we can do the same to your car too.

We have two great solutions. The first is a simple blind spot monitoring system that triggers a light neatly installed in your a pillar that notifies you when a vehicle enters your blind spot. These systems work with just about all vehicles and can be retrofitted for a clean factory finish. You’ll never know your car didn’t drive off the lot without it!

Our second solution is adding side view cameras that are triggered by your turn signals that show the left or right side of the car on your car’s screen. Simply flip the left signal to see a clear image of the left side of the car and the right to see the right side. We neatly install two side view cameras on the outside of the car in a factory style finish. This system can also be retrofitted in just about any vehicle.

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