When we receive an Italian Icon like the dream-worthy 458 Speciale, we have to come up with a dream-worthy setup. The gears started to grind and thus came the thought of a design concept. Why simply install a sound system just to appease the ears? Why not bring the design cues from the outside and flow them back inside. The car boasts several beautiful carbon fiber components so we thought about adding one more, a custom subwoofer enclosure encased in real carbon fiber! And just for that added piece of custom, we included a painted red stripe straight down the center to carry the stripe forward inside the car and throughout the entire engine bay.

What we end up with is a complete sound system with 2 10″ JL Audio subwoofers and a true #driventobeheard bespoke vehicle and setup.

Just in case you thought we only added some more bass, well here’s the rest of the list of awesome sound components we used to make this car sound worthy of Enzo Ferrari himself! The speakers were re-engineered and replaced with the latest Focal Flax Component 2 Way system and all powered by the small, resourceful JL Audio XD series amplifiers. All signals were then processed and then reintroduced into the amplifier via the Audison Bit processor, thus allowing us to fine tune the EQ’s of each individual speaker to the customer’s ears.

The final part to this masterpiece includes the Cartunes famous License to Speed package complete with the AL Priority Jammer setup and a Beltronics STIR Plus for radar detection. All incorporated neatly into the vehicle.


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