Another one down! We’re getting really good at taking Slingshots to the next plateau, the next mountaintop, the next level, the next planet! Another mission accomplished on this one!

This build started with a dream of creating a one of a kind masterpiece. Every detail was planned meticulously, from the sound, to the wheels, to the color scheme, to the lights, to even the helmet!

For sound we did nothing but the best, JL Audio M Series for maximum usability and audio performance. Two just wasn’t enough so we went with Six 6.5″ Speakers, custom fabricating kick panels that incorporated two on each side with an additional tweeter AND another pair just behind the seat too. Where’s the bass though!? That’s behind the scenes, hidden in true Cartunes “driven to be heard” fashion with two 10″ Subs fabricated just behind the rear seats in their own enclosures.

For wheels, we had to go with something that would really set it off, and with the help of Butler Tire and Savini Wheels we ended up with custom built¬†Savini Diamond Carpi 22’s. We decided on a cool white color scheme and incorporated that scheme into the wheels. We also designed a few touches of red and carbon fiber to highlight certain parts to help it pop. The red is teased from the inside out and the motif is wrapped together with the carbon fiber wings and hood accents.

Custom lighting is a must on a vehicle this wild so we incorporated the halo rings with HID lights in pure white to continue the white out along with some white highlight lighting under and around.

All in all, another fantastic build, and another to add to the collection that we proudly label “driven to be heard.”

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