Yes, you saw it here first! The all new HELLCAT Challenger came to us wanting a huge sound system makeover to match it’s huge horsepower! ¬†Mission Accomplished!

Here’s just the list of equipment

  • Audison Bit One Processor and the all new Bit Play Hard Drive for FLAC media playback
  • 2 Audision AV Quattro Amplifiers and 1 AV Uno
  • Focal K2 Power Speakers
  • JL Audio 12 W7AE
  • LICENSE TO SPEED” package

We were able to maintain the factory head unit and use Audison’s Bit One processor to drive a clean signal into a magnificent trio of Audison Amplifiers powering a JL W7 and 8 Focal KR Series speakers giving this car sound you would have to hear to believe!

To top it all off, we had to put our very own License to Speed package on it because why have a 707hp supercar without it?

The car’s owner was so ecstatic to pickup their car that we were only able to get a few pictures, but there are much more to come soon!

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