11 Alive, in conjunction with kidsandcars.org and Mobile Electronics Group, coordinated on a news story raising awareness for back-over and front-over collisions. According to kidsandcars.com 1,747 people are killed and another 841,000 are injured in injuries related to frontover, backover, or accidents outside of public roads, including parking lots and driveways. Newer vehicles are beginning to include a lot of the newer technology capable of detecting and informing drivers of potential collisions and general surroundings. What many people don’t know is that technology like this can also be retrofitted into older vehicles without spending a fortune.

One of the simplest modifications that can be installed is a backup camera. Several vehicles have in dash screens that can be integrated and retrofitted to show a backup image while reversing. With our help, these cars automatically show the image as soon as the car is shifted into the reverse gear.

Other technologies include the advanced Mobileye 560 which alerts drivers of oncoming collisions and potential dangers while driving. This includes lane departure alerts, Pedestrian warnings, and front end collision warnings.

This technology is available today for your car. Help us reduce the number of potential injuries and ask us about retrofitting your car today with some of these newer technologies. Also be sure to mention 11Alive for a special discount on the product.

Special thanks goes to Nav-TV for their kind donation of their backup camera and integration module to demo a successful backup camera installation in an X5. Also, special thanks to Mobile Electronics Group and Kidsandcars.org for helping push the word out and creating a safer environment for us all.

To view the full story on 11Alive news please click here


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