If you want to talk about one of the greatest Challenger builds EVER then look no further than this beast! It’s got a whole lot of show and even more go! Here’s the breakdown

Motor– 900+ Horsepower at the wheels thanks to our friends at Injected Engineering. We can’t give away all their secrets, but it’s been blown with a Kenne Bell Mammoth Supercharger as well as a built out 426 motor and many more upgrades to keep it planted. Visit them at www.injectedengineering.com

Audio/Electronics– What hasn’t been done! This car has plenty of boom with 2 JL Audio W7’s powered by their 1200 watt HD amp. Along with that we have JL Audio ZR 8″ subwoofers in each door to give you that extra midbass jump you’ve always wanted and Focal mids and highs all the way around for that smooth crisp sound. All this feeds into the one of a kind Alpine 8″ INE-Z928 receiver, the largest double din radio on the market! Oh and no super fast muscle car is complete without our very own License to Speed package which includes A Blinder Quad system and Beltronics latest STIR-Plus Radar system.

Interior– Again, what hasn’t been done. The interior has been completely revamped and re-wrapped in Alcantara suede and leather accents along with some tight double stitch needlework on all the seams by our friends at JPM Coachworks! www.jpmcoachworks.com

Exterior/Body– Most obviously, this Challenger has been chopped and turned into a convertible with a power top! Yes it’s real, No it’s not photoshopped, This is a real Vert Challenger! Also has a complete roll cage and a custom paint job as well!

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And for your viewing pleasure here are some more photos of this one-of-a-kind monster

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