Here at Cartunes we get to see a lot of new cars but when something like this Shelby Cobra comes in we really get to appreciate the true lineage of some of these designs.

This AC Cobra outdoes the typical Blue/White color combo that is so attributed to the fame of the Cobra’s but instead puts a new twist on it giving it a stealthier more refined look. We had the opportunity to make this Cobra sound a whole lot better with new mids and highs by Focal along with a JL Audio amplifier to power it all and of course the Cartunes License to Speed with a 9500CI and Blinder Laser Diffusers.
  • Escort P9500CI Radar and Laser Shifter
  • Blinder Laser Diffuser
  • Focal Front and Rear Polyglass Speakers
  • JL Audio Amplifier
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