If your world revolves around your iPhone, this is what you need!

Pioneer’s AppRadio has come to Cartunes. AppRadio is the first radio ever to fully integrate with your iPhone and bring many of your iPhone apps straight to your radio.


The AppRadio is the first radio that is truly like having an iPhone in your dash. With multiple apps supported and more on the way this is the perfect radio for an iPhone user that doesn’t want to pay for some of the more feature filled radios b

ut want something that’s based around their iPhone.

Features Include:

  • Double Din 6.1″ Touch Screen Interface
  • iPod/iPhone connection
  • Built In Bluetooth
  • First ever radio with iPhone App Support
  • Use Apps like: MotionX GPS Drive, Google Maps, Rdio, Photo Viewer, and Pandora Radio
Item of the Week 7/18/11


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