DJ Carlito NOVA came to Cartunes with a vision.

NOVA brought us a Barneyesque purple truck and asked us to transform it into something people would talk about! He wanted us to customize the truck for his DJ work with custom lighting, DJ area, big screen TV’s, Sound System and much more:
Here’s what we had to work with
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We started from scratch and built the whole truck from the ground up.

In the Front:

  • Rotating Docking Station for iPAD with  HDMI output to each TV
  • Audison Bit One Processor through the iPad
  • Custom Focal Sound System
  • 26″ LED Flat Screen Monitor
  • Rear Bench and Front Seats wrapped in Black Leather with Gold Buttons

In the Rear:

  • 55″ LED 3D Flat Screen TV
  • 2 26″ LED Flat Screen TV’s
  • Playstation 3
  • DirecTV Satellite Television
  • Illuminated Dancer Pole
  • Custom Bench in Black Leather with Gold Buttons
  • Illuminated Multi Color LED Trim around 55″ TV
  • Custom LED Multi Color LED lights
  • DJ Pro Audio Equipment for Professional DJ
  • HDMI Matrix Switcher to watch any source (PS3, iPad, Laptop, DirecTV) on any TV simultaneously
  • Focal Sound System

On the Outside:

  • Custom multicolor LED lighting for underbody, interior, and TV surrounds
  • Strobe Lights
  • CO2 Confetti Blaster Cannon
  • Train Horns/Sirens
  • Amber LED Warning Light Bar
  • 2 26″ LED Flat Screen TV’s
This was featured at the 2011 Colombian Festival where Carlito NOVA Deejayed the event! More Pictures to Come and come see the NOVAMOVI in action August 28th ath the Peachtree Lation Festival in Piedmont Park. For more info checkout
For more info about Carlito NOVA check out

More pictures and videos coming soon! Also check out

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