Did you know…

The most common tool used in vehicle burglary and theft is a screwdriver!

It’s fast, easy and doesn’t attract as much attention as breaking a window.

The good news is, we can help!

The Jimmi Jammer is the perfect solution for peace of mind when leaving your car locked at night. Burglars these days know all the tricks to get into your car and the easiest way to get in is to punch the door lock or brake the handle. The Jimmi Jammer prevents that.

How Does it Work?

The Jimmi Jammer is a custom formed steel plate that bolts to the backside of your door handle, preventing thieves from prying into the handle seam or punching the lock cylinder into the door.

Cartunes keeps several Jimmi Jammers and they are currently available for most Ford, GM, and Honda Vehicles.

Check in at Cartunes on Foursquare or Facebook and get 20% off all Jimmi Jammer orders during the week of 6/6/2011!

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