So we’re finally starting to see the reality behind the Sirius XM merger. The two companies announced last week that the channel lineups to both Sirius and XM will be merging together to one channel lineup. This is all in preparations for the shift in Satellite Radio to the new 2.0 style radios. The new Satellite radio 2.0 is scheduled to come out Fall 2011 and will offer satellite radio users a DVR style service on top of their regular programming on several stations.

“With the new platform, if you miss Howard Stern on the way to work, for example, you can hear him later as Sirius XM will make some programs available for on-demand playback.” (Courtesy of CE Outlook News)

To see the new SiriusXM channel lineup click here

So all you satellite radio fans finally have some answers as to what the future holds for the new SiriusXM.

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