Alpine’s back with a whole new lineup including this gem. This is the new CDE123. A well equipped single din head unit with just about every possible feature you can hope for in a 2011 radio including the very first Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down hard buttons for Pandora control.

This unit is complete with front and rear iPod control and is the very first line of radios that uses the latest SiriusXM 2.0 Satellite radio accessory (coming soon). Plus with the front and rear iPod controls you can plug your iPhone in the front and charge it and leave your car iPod in the glove box and have that charge too. The possibilities are endless.

Need a little extra kick, add an Alpine power pack to it with a little more umph! Plugs right in and gives you 4 channels of true RMS 45Watts versus the minuscule 18 Watts RMS per channel that standard radios have. Come check it out here at Cartunes!

Item of the week 4/4/2011

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