You may have seen us talking about this on Facebook and Twitter but here’s a more in depth description on what we did to this truck

Joe Johnson came to Cartunes Atlanta with one word in mind….You may think that word was “bass” or “loud” or something like that. Instead it was “Karaoke!”

“I want a Karaoke machine in my truck”

So we started looking at karaoke equipment and figuring out what we need to do to get a karaoke machine in this thing. After some serious brainstorming we came up with THIS:


We decided that we use an Apple iPad and use the “Karaoke Anywhere” App on iTunes which features most new hit songs that come out on iTunes in a Karaoke format. We then used the video output of the iPad to output to 3 other screens in the car.


This gave Joe the opportunity to use his new Karaoke machine to do a lot of other things: Netflix, Hulu Plus, Vimeo and any other app on the iPad!

We also installed two Shure Super 55 microphones. One on a custom motorized bracket that came out of the back seat with a retractable reel and another on a reel in the center console. We then added an Alesis audio mixer that took all the sources and put them together, forming a super Karaoke machine!

So if you hear some questionably loud singing after a game downtown coming from a massive green truck, chances are the Hawks won !

[cincopa AcKADhK6E9uK]

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