With today’s super speeder laws in effect police are becoming much more vigilant in trying to deter speeding of any sort but we all know that if you aren’t doing 75 on I285 you might as well have your will handy. Hence, we bring you the Blinder M27 Xtreme Laser Jammer. Now this isn’t exactly giving you free reign to go speeding around Atlanta but it does let you get away with some of the more tawdry 20 or 25 mph over tickets that are so common on I-285 and parts of 400 and 75 because in today’s cars you can honestly be driving safely at 75 mph on I-285 and still get a ticket for 20 over!

Again this isn’t a license to speed but it will help in avoiding certain unnecessary speeding tickets especially on the highways and therefore is our Item of the Week! The Blinder M27 X-Treme laser jammer includes 2 of Blinder’s top-rated laser blocking transceivers, enough to completely protect the front of a vehicle.

Item of the Week 8/23/2010

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