This product will soon completely revolutionize the hands-free market the way we see it so it seems fitting to be an item of the week. Cartunes has just picked up the Got2b Voice product lineup. Put simply it’s a bluetooth handsfree car kit with a much needed twist. Have you ever heard of handsfree email? How about a handsfree calendar, or even handsfree tweeting?!!!! With Got2b voice you can do all this and more just by using your voice! Simply speak your email, tweet, text, facebook update, or calendar update and in a few simple voice prompts your done. This is the perfect solution for the on the go business person who needs to email or text while they’re on the go. Come in to Cartunes for a free demo of Got2b Voice today!

    “Introducing Got2bVoice service…allowing drivers to safely listen and respond to the features listed below all controlled by their VOICE. The Got2bVoice feature is included for 1 year of service with all Got2bWireless products. “
    Got2bVoice Features; (English, French & Spanish)
  1. Send Text Message (SMS) – Create text message to any contact with mobile number and send message by voice
  2. Email – Listen to email inbox audibly
  3. Send Email – Create new email to any contact with email address and send message by voice
  4. Contacts – Search and call a contact by first and or last name by voice
  5. Call mobile/home/business – after finding contact to place call by voice
  6. Facebook – Update Facebook status and post to Facebook by voice
  7. Twitter – Update Twitter and send as Tweet by voice
  8. Call Phone Number – Dial a specific phone number by digit dialing and place call by voice
  9. Calendar – Listen to calendar appointments audibly
  10. Create Appointment – Add an appointment to your Calendar by voice

Cartunes Item of the Week  5/10/10

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