A new solution from Viper offers the ability to start your car from virtually anywhere using your iPhone. The solution from Directed Electronics is called Viper SmartStart. The solution includes a free Viper SmartStart app for the iPhone, available through the iTunes App Store, and the installation of a Viper SmartStart remote starter on your vehicle.

The Viper SmartStart solution is being marketed as a better solution for starting your vehicle compared to a typical solution which offers a small remote control with a limited range. The Viper SmartStart’s advantage is that its range is virtually unlimited. Best of all, there is no need to carry an additional remote control if you already carry your iPhone. As long as your iPhone and your car has a signal your golden.

Viper SmartStart will come in two models. One model is for those who don’t have a remote start system installed and includes the complete Viper SmartStart System for US$499. The second is for those who already have a compatible Viper system and just need the Viper SmartStart Module which will retail for $299.

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