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“License to Speed” Explained


Mclaren MP4 Laser Jammers

Mclaren MP4 Laser Jammers

Many have asked about our often imitated and Cartunes perfected “License to Speed” package. Well here’s part of the secret. We’ve been able to test and prove jamming of the latest laser guns and participate in monthly testings of the latest in laser gun technology being used by GSP, Alpharetta, and several other counties and cities. We’ve seen the results firsthand and consistently keep up to date on the ever-changing world of laser defense. Trust us to recommend the very best in laser jamming at all times to make your car invisible to many of the new technologies on the road.

Ferrari 458 with the License to Speed Package

Ferrari 458 with the License to Speed Package

We always recommend the best and can tailor our systems to any vehicle. We use systems from AL Priority, Blinder, Laser Interceptor, Escort, Beltronics, K40 Electronics and Stinger Radar and are familiar with what systems are most current and most capable of jamming the latest in laser gun technology. Call us for information regarding your car as these technologies change regularly and we stay on top of all current news associated with our systems.

***Update 10/29/2015: New laser jammer technology has made it’s way into even more counties including Cobb, Fulton, and Gwinnett. Come in to Cartunes and get filled in on the latest tech and what you can do to ensure optimum detection and jamming,


  1. What do you have under $800 ?

    • Hi Carl,

      In radar and laser there’s not too many options in that category that are effective below $800. We can satisfy the radar portion with a $300 radar detector from Escort but that will only detect laser and not diffuse or jam laser.

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