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Monthly archive for May 2010

Smart Start Your Mercedes

Mercedes has always been a brand that remote start was an impossibility. Well not anymore! Cartunes now has thecapability to install the Viper Remote Start system in your vehicle with Smart Start capability! Ask us how! Item of the Week 5/24/10

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USA Spec iPod Adapters

USA Spec has been making iPod adapters for quite a while now and we thought we should give them the benefit of gracing our blog and making our USA Spec iPod adapters our new Item of the Week. USA Spec have proven time and time again that

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Got2b Voice Handsfree with a Twist

This product will soon completely revolutionize the hands-free market the way we see it so it seems fitting to be an item of the week. Cartunes has just picked up the Got2b Voice product lineup. Put simply it’s a bluetooth handsfree car kit with a much needed

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Cartunes Camaro Project!

Hey Everyone Cartunes and MTI racing just recently completed a large project Camaro which has been featured on Camaro5.com the largest camaro forum on the net!! http://www.camaro5.com/?p=4377  It’s a 2010 Camaro with a full JL Audio sound system, Halo lights, and a ton of motor work that

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