Alpine is one of the industry-leading manufacturers of high performance mobile electronics, founded in 1978. Alpine is one of very few manufacturers specializing in mobile multimedia, an integrated system approach incorporating digital entertainment, security and navigation products for your mobile entertainment.
AL Priority
Introducing the smallest and most powerful (LASER JAMMER) system available, internet upgradeable & user programmable via any web browser with new handy add-ons that set it aside from the competition.
Audio Mobile
Audiomobile is committed to creating products that will deliver a superb and unparalleled low-frequency experience, one that can be integrated into your vehicle – which will delight drivers and passengers alike.
Audiovox was founded in 1965 and has grown to become a massive competitor in the mobile electronics market. Audiovox has and will always be one of the premier brands in mobile electronics with a product portfolio that includes car sound, mobile video, vehicle security, remote start and tracking, and navigation.
Since 1979 Audison has always offered solutions ensuring the uniqueness of each new project, allowing every audiophiles dream to come true. Imagining, designing, and building: daringly going beyond the limits. This is the Audison way.
Beltronics offers the best performing radar and laser detectors on the road including the almight reigning champ STI-R Plus
Blinder X-treme is currently taking the laser jammer world by storm as a potent new Laser Jamming System. The Blinder is getting the same reflection every time it’s presented, which is “Wow, I must have one!” In fact everyone who test the new intelligent laser jammer is impressed and is characterized to be almost unstoppable.
Dynamat is recognized by consumers around the world as a quality product for solutions to unwanted noise and vibration. The Dynamat brand maintains the dominant marketshare in Car Audio and Automotive Restoration acoustic solutions.
Founded in 1978, Escort Radar has a long history of leading technology in radar and laser detection. Escort continues to develop high-performance radar and laser detectors, under the Passport brand name and has been issued over 85% of all patents in the field.
Innovation is the key to the Focal sound. For 25 years, through the pursuit of constant new advances in technology, Focal has been able to develop a harmonious research and production system that enables the continuous improvement of products and the introduction of new ones, all with one goal: the most faithful reproduction of music.
JL Audio
JL has created a brand of high quality subwoofer and speaker lines that have left many of its competitors flailing in the wind. It has maintained itself as the industry’s leading subwoofer producers and has been featured worldwide as a high quality brand with a mind tuned to sound.
Kenwood is a leading developer and manufacturer of consumer electronics and communications equipment. Founded in the United States in 1961, Kenwood USA is the largest sales subsidiary of Kenwood Japan and is recognized by consumers and industry professionals for providing products known for quality, performance, and value.
Too Loud, Too Bad!! The leader in train horns and loud air horn systems, Kleinn has a variety of solutions that range from the routine to the obscene with systems like their famous “Demon” and “Beast” kits.
With almost 25 years of experience in mobile technology, KVH Industries is recognized as one of the world’s premier manufacturers of products that offer Access to live mobile media ranging from satellite TV to telephone and high-speed Internet for vehicles.
Mobileye is a technology company that develops vision-based Advanced Driver Assistance Systems providing warnings for collision prevention and mitigation.
NAV-TV’s mission is to create and sell products that bridge the gap between equipment installed in vehicles by their manufacturers and equipment customers want to have installed in their vehicles. With electronics rapidly changing and evolving, their mission is a constant, dynamic process of development and product realization.
Parrot, a global leader in wireless devices for mobile phones, stands on the cutting edge of innovation. Parrot has developed the most extensive range of hands-free kits on the market for cars, motorbikes and scooters, including wireless multimedia products geared towards audiovisual applications.
Phoenix Gold
Phoenix Gold has been producing top quality, high performance car audio products. Over the years, the brand has earned a reputation for rugged, `over-engineered` gear that`s designed from the ground up to handle the abuse of its most enthusiastic customers.
Rigid Lighting
Rigid will always design and manufacture the best forward projecting and auxiliary LED lighting products in the world. Continue to lead the LED revolution with optical technology, unsurpassed quality and leading edge innovation
SIRIUS Satellite Radio, you can listen to what you want, when you want, wherever you are. You get over 130 channels from every genre, plus Sports, News, Talk and Comedy all with crystal-clear, coast-to-coast coverage, all in one place and all at your fingertips.
Viper is the most recognized name in vehicle security and remote start systems. If you are in the market for a car alarm or remote starter, there is no better brand then Viper. Viper’s car alarms and remote starters lead the industry. Even start your car from your iPhone or iPod Touch with Viper SmartStart.
Wet Sounds
Wet Sounds™ is a marine audio manufacturer based out of Texas. Wet Sounds™ was founded by a group of audio industry veterans to deliver a new level of performance and style to the marine industry.

“I was amazed by what happened. I arrived around 2pm expecting to have to make an appointment and come back another day. To my surprise they sent a tech out to my car and helped me fix the issue in about a half hour. Also they looked busy that day, so I was amazed that they had time for my little problem. WOW great service.”

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